Let’s go for a fika?

You’d probably hear this often in Sweden, which means let’s take a break from whatever you’re doing, sip a good cup of coffee with a sweet cinnamon roll on the side, or soemthing else sweet. It could be with your friends and colleagues. There’s a great chance that you’d connect and get inspirations over relaxing Fika discussions and exchanges of ideas.
This is what we, Indonesian graduates of Swedish universities, would like you to experience through FIKA: the exact same vibe that facilitates creative and reflective processes in the mind, and at the same time bring Sweden closer to the Indonesian audience because there’s so much to learn from one another.
Consider FIKA as a creative hub that fosters exchange of information, culture and ideas. From Swedish music, food, art, tourism and travel, high quality education and healthcare, modern technology and innovation, to how these aspects affect and are relevant to us in the equator. The discussion is just endless. Take part in our events if you want to experience all that and learn more about the values and wisdom of the Land of Lagom.